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Nashville Forest School Teachers

Hi I’m Mackenzie Farrah, (she/her)

I have taken on many expressions over the years including, birth worker, bee tender, mother, and outdoor education leader. 

Weaving my training, experiences, and observations into a refined heart-based knowledge allows me to teach from my center, meaning with great intention and wisdom.  I believe we are at a crucial point where the relationship between humans and nature needs mending. It has been my long term vision to open a school where empowering others to bravely care for the earth through stewardship, inner-knowing and re-wilding practices are at the center. My family values the space we share with so many lives and we do our best to steward the land with gratitude and reciprocal relation. My partner and I believe true change is happening within the gentle moments we share with our child. I am filled with joy to share space with the little ones of our future and their families.

Hey there! ’m Regan Rish. (she/her) Growing up, I was a very average to below average student. I never saw a future for myself in education because I didn't see someone like me teaching. Educators told me I was a different thinker and learner but offered no alternative to the conventional path. l moved my focus away from traditional schooling to experiential learning by volunteering at a nearby farm. From then on, I was able to see myself as a smart and capable student who just needed different means to succeed. I then went on to spend time working in many different care fields including working with individuals with special needs, elder care, infant care and a Montessori school. I am the founder of the Gender Spacious Playgroup of Nashville, a play group that meets regularly to hold space for gender diverse and creative play. I have two young children and a loving supportive partner. My family values slowing down and connecting with the unique rhythms of the seasons. We practice gentleness and do not administer hierarchy with one another. I believe in raising free people and being a champion of our younger generation, they are my great teachers.

Nashville Forest School Teachers Mackenzie
Nashville Forest School Teachers Regan
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